Les systèmes de tomographie Rx de ZEISS VoluMax conviennent pour les applications nécessitant l’inspection rapide de nombreuses pièces. ZEISS adapte la machine et le logiciel à la tâche d’inspection. Le ZEISS VoluMax peut être configuré pour le chargement manuel ou automatisé.

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Defects that occur on the surface or on the inside of parts throughout any manufacturing process may have a strong impact on the quality, stability and functionality of the part or the product. This happens, for instance, during the casting process in the automotive industry or during the production of plastic parts in medical technology. As these defects occur in an unpredictable manner, random sample testing is not enough to guarantee high quality of all parts. The solution: 100% inspection or metrology in production – with automated inline CTs of the ZEISS VoluMax family to detect and measure internal defects and structures with high speed.